A Guide to Cherry Pickers

Do you need to work at a great height? Do you need to work in awkward spaces or with various tools in high spaces? You’ll need a cherry picker sakselift to help you get to the required height and comfortably accomplish your tasks.

Cherry pickers were first designed to assist cherry tree farmers in picking fruit off the tall trees, hence the name. They consist of two essential parts: a platform and a hydraulic liftutleie, pneumatic or mechanical lifting system.

There are several types of cherry pickers available in the market. The type you choose to invest in will depend on what you need to accomplish with it. Many of them are designed to be multipurpose. You can therefore find them in use in various industries including mining, firefighting, window cleaning, painting and construction.

Common types of cherry pickers

Scissor lifts

These consist of a platform that is fixed onto an extensible mast. The platform is raised through the unfolding of the extensible mast in a scissor fashion. The design offers various benefits including being able to bear a great load. This makes these equipment suitable for heavy duty application that involve the transfer of equipment or material that is heavy.

This type of cherry pickers can be either push-around or self-propelled for movement from one area to another. Larger versions are usually truck or trailer mounted.

Low-level access lifts

Also known as personnel lifts, these pickers are suited for only lifting small weights. They are much smaller than the scissor lifts and can bear only small loads. They are also designed to move vertically to a maximum height of about 12m. They are suitable for indoor applications, such as inventory management, painting or interior décor.

Boom lifts

These feature a platform or basket that is affixed to an arm. The arm has various joints that allow for movement through various planes. They can bear heavy loads just like the boom lifts. They however, offer greater flexibility. These are commonly used for specialist situations that require movement around obstacles, such as in firefighting or maintenance of power lines.

All terrain

These pickers are designed to provide stability to the raised platform on any terrain. The platform and lifting mechanisms are mounted on a four wheel drive vehicle to offer a supportive base. Some come with outriders to give additional stability. These are suitable when working on uneven land.

Be sure to determine what you need a cherry picker before investing in one. This will ensure that you select the right one for your application.